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Client Testimonials

You know how networking online and engaging with your community takes so much time out of your day? Our clients chose to take back their time and freedom! 

What would it mean for you: 

  • If you could enjoy the freedom you created your business for?
  • To create a community space that allows your tribe to reach their goals? 
  • To have someone take on your brand voice with ease so you can focus on your zone of genius? 
  • To have a plan for creating experiences with your community members that leaves a lasting impression on them

We have your back! Find out what our clients are saying … 


I hired Kambre as Social Community Manager to effectively engage my Instagram audience in the tone & personality of my Womeneur brand. People are shocked when I tell them it’s not me responding because she absolutely nailed taking on my exact tone.

I love how she takes time to continue engaging with the same love and care that I do to keep my Womeneur tribe loyal, trusting and wonderfully engaged! Well done Kambre, you definitely have a happy customer!

Sharon Beason

Business Strategist, Womeneur

Kambre is a great community manager. She really dives in and learns a community and then tailors a plan to keep members engaged, and coming back. Would highly recommend her!

Christina Duren

Community Creator, Beautiful Brown Girls

We have had the pleasure of working with Kambre’ over the past year and a half. She has been the best to work with and really took on things that we didn’t have the mental capacity or time to address.

We have no complaints about any services delivered. The work of Kamedia not only expanded our online reach and digital footprint but also our geographical reach.

In partnership with KaMedia, we were able to partner with an international brand that aligns perfectly with our work. Working with KaMedia has been a great experience.

Vernisha Crawford


I signed up for monthly social media support with KaMedia. Best decision I’ve ever made.

Kambré knows her stuff, works quickly, so easy to work with, and is very patient. I have so much going on and can be little scatter brain at times lol. Worth every penny! Thank you again Kambré

Rayonna Simmons

Boutique Owner, ChloeRae