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KaMedia Communty Management

Online Support for your Brand Community


Creating valuable online community experiences for women-owned & LGBTQ+ inclusive brands who want high-level support for their tribe! 

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Our Specialty

Building Your Brand Community

We are hyper-focused on enhancing online community experiences for women-owned & LGBTQ+ inclusive brand tribes online. In a time where virtual communities are thriving, we collaborate with our clients to create unique, valuable community experiences so your tribe members can feel supported and be treated as people rather than numbers.

Private Brand Community Management

Your community deserves a comfortable place to go for support and knowledge! We provide the support your community members need to succeed!

Social Media Community Management

Connect with your audience on your brand social media channels daily! Don’t have time to respond to comments and DMs and engage with new people like you used to? This service is exactly what you need!

Your Community Manager 

Kambré Glover

I’m your Social Media Engagement Strategist which means I get to use my heavily researched and tested, organic social media strategies to help connect your brand to the people that need you. 

Your tribe is waiting for you to show up for them, allow me to position your brand for success!