Email Templates You Need for Your Food Service Business

Written by: Kambré Mechelle

I am a Systems Strategist and the owner of KaMedia. I love helping culinary entrepreneurs simplify and streamline their online operations to increase their efficiency and profit margins!

November 10, 2021

Templates can literally save you so much time, stress, and overthinking! One great reason to have templates in place is so you don’t have to stress about if the wording is just right every time you have to send the same message. I literally love creating templates for my automations, frequently asked questions, and even for scenerios that I hope never come up but I’d rather be prepared than caught off guard if it does happen.

Here are a few of the email templates I recommend caterers and personal chefs set up within their business sooner than later.

Thank You for Your Request

You are likely getting many requests for your services which is great. But, with leads being able to send you their inquiry any time, any day it’s important to ensure they know you received their message.

I recommend creating an automated email to thank people for requesting your services. This email should also include when they should hear back from you.

Current Offers

Once someone inquires about your services you know they are interested in enjoying some of your amazing food. The thing is, when they inquire is not always going to be when they are ready, sometimes they are just pricing out options for the future.

Also, past clients are also typically interested in what you are offering at different times. So creating a template that allows you to fill in what you’re currently offering will save you so much time.

Email Autoresponder

Your email autoresponder is the email that goes out to someone immediately after sending you an email. You can create this email within your business email account.  

Having an autoresponder in place has been super helpful for our team. It allows us the person contacting us to know we received the email and it also allows us to share a few things like: 

  • Typical Email Response Time
  • Office Hours 
  • Upcoming and Current Office Closures 
  • Answers to Frequently Asked Questions 
  • Important Links 

Many times people are looking for these specific pieces of information so it allows them to click and move forward rather than having to wait for our response. 

Sending Receipts

Depending on how your services are set up you may be sending receipts to clients frequently. If this is not already automated through the tool you use I recommend setting up a standard message that will need to be sent with all receipts.

If the tool you use to collect payment does include an automated email with receipts be sure to read that message so you know what your customers receive and feel free to add your own personality and business details to it.

Service Update

 Service update emails keep your clients up to do on the status of their services. You can use these emails to share your excitement for their upcoming event, ensure you get any additional details and/or paperwork from the client, and genuinely show how much you care.

I recommend having several of these emails set up for different time periods. You know how far in advance your clients typically book so that will give you a good idea of how many of these templates you need.

Be sure to always include the date and time of their event, highlight any changes that have been made since the last email, your arrival time, the services you are providing, and contact information (day of and leading up to if they are different). With most tools, like Honeybook, you will have the option of sending this email automatically or receiving a reminder to edit the email before it is sent.

Our Recommendation: Prepare service  update templates for: 30 days, 1 week , 1 day away from, and the morning of the event.

Payment Due Date Reminders

If the tool you are using to process payments does not already have automated payment due date reminders, you will save yourself a lot of stress by setting them up now.

When I first started my business I was scared to send reminders for payments until I realized sometimes people just forget. The best thing I did for KaMedia was set up templates and automated emails to remind clients of payment due dates, late payments, and consequences of late or delinquent payments. These reminders are partly to cover our ass but also because people have a lot going on and paying us is not always their top priority.


Follow Up


Do you have standards for following up with potential and past clients? Having standards for when we will reconnect with leads and past clients has been VERY helpful for our team. Not only do we know when to reach out to them, we also know exactly which template will be sent and when.


Literally creating a timeline for reconnecting and email templates for follow-ups has taken us from spending 30 minutes to follow up with individuals to less than 5 minutes!

Referral Requests

Listen referrals can be great but if no one knows how to connect you with people they want to refer your services to, many times they will have a conversation then once it’s over they don’t think about it again.

Creating an email template to request referrals from past clients, friends, and family members takes a bit of the overthinking out of it. You can resend this email as many times as you’d like (although we don’t recommend spamming people with weekly referral requests). We do however recommend sending an email to your list once per quarter assuming you send other valuable emails in between.

Proposal Email Template

Do you send out proposals when clients request your services? Templating the email that goes along with the proposal saves you time because you aren’t having to repeat the same steps or remember what you told the last person. This works best when you have a standard process in place. 

Your proposal email should include:

  • Thank you for contacting
  • Next Steps
  • Proposal Expiration Date


Menu Updates

Do you change your menu weekly? monthly? Either way, I recommend having a menu update email template. Whether you send this email to your email list (that I really hope you’re building) or you send it to individuals, having a template will save you a lot of time and frustration.

Pro Tip: Depending on how often your change your menu you will want to add a reminder to your calendar to send this to your list of leads.

Now it’s your time to create some templates! You can use your templates in your business management, CRM (customer relationship management), or your email marketing tool, it’s all about making it fit the way you work.

Need help figuring out how to make it all work together? 

We work with personal chefs and caterers to simplify and streamline their online operations and increase their efficiency. 

We’ve got your back!

Apply to work with us so we can save you time by implementing or upgrading your systems for you and training you and your team on how to use them!

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