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Who is Kambré Glover?

Social Media Engagement Strategist

Genuinely connecting with people has always been my thing! Between every business I’ve been a part of and every business I have created it has always been about connections for me.

Serving women and helping them positively impact lives and connect with the people that need the very thing that they have to offer this world bring me the most joy!


Stay Connected with Kambré!

 The Whole Story


Growing up in Oklahoma, my parents, grandparents, and other adult influences around me, always told me “you have to have goals,” “stay focused,” and so many other encouraging phrases that come with a lot of added pressure. Yes, these words are encouraging but what I was really hearing was, “choose something quick, and stick to it.” 

Over the years, I have tried various business ventures, tactics, and policies never really feeling fulfilled because all I really wanted to do was connect business women to each other to increase their success but I didn’t really know how to do it.

When I started my catering company in 2016 after graduating from Johnson & Wales University, I had a grand idea to host parties full of business women so they could have fun, connect, and grow. I quickly learned that owning a catering company was not the best way to do that for me.

When  I originally started my social media business all I wanted to do was serve women so I could help their businesses grow. Through these ventures, I learned that I had the right idea and purpose I just needed to understand how to do it the right way.

Now, I love that I am able to help business women strengthen their communities so they can increase their impact and have more successful businesses.



Why Work With Me?

I have wasted time and money on courses, ads, and services that have left me more than short of the results I expected and with less money than when I began (although they promised more money) so you don’t have to. 

I finally realized that to truly make an impact you have to genuinely connect with people and show them how much you truly value them and their success! I will help you remind your potential clients how valuable they truly are.